Alternative Compressed Air Filter Elements

Alternative Compressed Air Filter Elements
All Kind of Filters

M-Plus filtration manufacturing and supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of alternative filter elements, medical vacuum filters & sterile filters as well standard brand with M-PLUS, Air/oil separators and Vacuum Pump separators on the global market today. Specially designed to fit original manufacturers equipment filtration’s range of alternative filter elements offer certified performance. Levels meet stringent and specialist specifications. Our policy is much better than' ensures that customers using M-PLUS’s alternative elements meet with complete filtration systems. Using multi-wrap technology, reinforced with steeliness steel filters elements slanders and (100%) nylon end caps ensures that M-PLUS alternative filter elements offer a low pressure drop and no air loss performance resulting efficient, clean air crucial in today's compressed air industry. M-PLUS alternative filter elements have been independently tested with USA test lab and validated using to meet the requirements of ISO 8573.
Filter Elements
Performance guarantee

All M-PLUS compressed air filters carry a guarantee for one year under normal recommended use.
The filter elements should be changed every year (8,000 hours) or earlier if the indicator/gauge changes to red.
Activated carbon filter elements (grade Z) should be changed every 6 months or 1,000 hours whichever comes first.

We supply filters for Industrial applications. At present we have over 2000 different oil, air, fuel and hydraulic filters in our range with more being developed on a continuous basis. If you require a specific filter or filters not currently available from us we can manufacture a new filter to meet your requirements.

Our filters are supplied to both OEM and aftermarket customers around the world. With the latest technology, we also supply various types of the new generation ecological oil, air and fuel filters. These new types of metal-free filters are more environment-friendly than the old types of filters that cause waste disposal problems all around the world.

- Oil Filters

- Air Filters

- Fuel Filters

- Suction Filters

- Gas Turbine Filters

- Dust Collector Filters

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